Parque Road

Originating from a trail opened by Marechal Candido Rondon in the late nineteenth century, the road was the only access after Miranda to the interior of Corumbá until 1986, when the BR 262 was paved and inaugurated by the military. In 1993, the state government issued a decree ordering that the old highways MS-184 and MS-228 would be named Estrada Parque Pantanal (EPP). It is also known as Integration Road, Boiadeira Road or Manga Road, being a conservation unit of direct use, recognized as such by the government of Mato Grosso do Sul in 1993.

The road was built on landfills, with heights ranging from 1 to 3 meters, in an attempt to ensure traffic conditions at any time of year, but during large floods the water engulfs the road at various points, preventing the passage of vehicles. It has about 120km length that includes the transposition of a raft of the Paraguay River and more than 100 bridges, necessary to give a way over the waters of the floods that occur in the Pantanal.

Despite the annual floods, which cover up to 2/3 of the Pantanal, and the great biodiversity of plants, what is most impressive in the region is the richness of the fauna. Birds, mammals and reptiles can be easily spotted crossing or on the roadside. Another interesting point is that along the road there are different types of landscapes, from saw to open fields, corixos, bushes, rivers and lagoons, where you can easily see Tuiuiús, capivaras, alligators, among other animals, especially in the dry season (July to November).

Throughout its course you have inns, fishing and restaurants, among other projects focused on sport fishing and ecotourism. The Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul has a teaching and research base in this region.

Because it is an interconnection road between BR 262 and the city of Corumbá, the visit can be started in both the Buraco das Piranhas (MS-184) and Lampião Access (MS-228).

Location of Parque Pantanal Road

Estrada Pantanal Park is part of the Municipality of Corumbá – Mato Grosso do Sul and is composed of highways MS-228 and MS-184. In total there are 120km of dirt road that cuts one of the most beautiful regions of the Pantanal Sul, connecting the city of Corumbá to the junction at BR 262, a place called Buraco das Piranhas.


Access to the Park Pantanal Road

The trip up to Estrada Parque can be made with car of walking, regular bus sevices and tourism vehicles.

To get to Parque Pantanal Road, the visitor has 03 options: exit Corumbá, exit Bonito and exit Campo Grande.

Leaving Corumbá by the BR 262 towards Campo Grande, a few kilometers from the city center there is a clover called “Lampião Access” where the MS-228, first stretch of the road.

Park. Leaving Campo Grande on BR 262 towards Corumbá, you will pass through the entrance of the cities of Aquidauana, Anastácio and Miranda until arriving at a clover called Piranhas Hole, where there is a base of the Environmental Military Police. At this point just go right on the dirt road and enjoy nature.

Leaving from Bonito towards Bodoquena, you will pass through this city and around Miranda until you reach BR 262, where you turn left and follow a clover called Buraco das Piranhas, where there is a base of the Military Police Environmental. At this point just turn right on the dirt road and enjoy nature.

If you use regular buses on the trip, the ticket should be bought up to MS-184, commonly known as Buraco das Piranhas, where the various inns in the region seek out visitors.


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